10 Relatable Diabetes Memes

Diabetes Memes

A wise person once said that “laughter is the best medicine.” If you’re feeling blue and need some cheering up, check out these 10 relatable diabetes memes. While you may sometimes feel like you are all alone, know that this is the furthest thing from the truth. DMP has got you covered and is here to support you! 

  1.  Now while we don’t condone ignoring your alarms, we all know how people can get when working on a task. Just five more minutes please! (Credits to @RHondiabetes)
  1.  Nobody said life was going to be easy, but getting your pump tubing stuck on the door knob can put a damper on anybody’s mood. Why is it that this usually happens on days that are already bad? (Credits to @type1funnies)
diabetes meme pump tubing
  1. This funny type 1 diabetes meme is relevant to anybody with diabetes. Between dealing with lows during the night, having to wait for your sugars to go down before going to bed, alarms going off in the night, and more, sleep is a luxury that many diabetics don’t get enough of. (Credits to @type1ma )
diabetes meme good sleep
  1. The first rule of diabetes club: We don’t talk about diabetes club. With so much stigma and misinformation surrounding diabetes, many diabetics still struggle with being open about their diabetes. Let’s try to break this first rule and find some new best friends in the process. (Credits to @Mydiabeticlifeau)
best friends
  1. Diabetics really are superheroes. That slice of white bread you are eating over there? 15g of carbs. Mind blown! (Credits to @REALTdiabetes)
diabetes meme counting carbs
  1. For all my diabetes meme enthusiasts and finger prickers, tell me you can relate. Share your helpful tips on how you deal with this! (Credits to @type1diabeticproblems)
three fingers on needle diabetes
  1. This is your sign! We know it can be exhausting, but it just ain’t worth it. Don’t do it! (Credits to @insulin_and_tonic)
  1. We know that not every day is a good day. Some days it just be like that. You’re trying and that’s what matters! (Credits to @type1diabetesmemes)
diabetes meme blood sugar endocrinologist
  1. Trust me, diabetics know what they can or cannot eat and we are feeling pizza! (Credits to @dankdiabetesmemes)
diabetes meme pizza snack
  1. Another day, another type 1 diabetes meme. But seriously The Office can pretty much summarize any situation in life. (Credits to @diabetesaurus)
diabetes meme Type 1 pre-diagnosis pancreas

We hope that these diabetes memes sparked some joy in your day. Have any other funny memes you’d like to share? Share them in the comments! 

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