About The Diabetes App

Our Mission

The Diabetes App has a very clear mission – to bring support and ease of access to essential information, products and services to all those affected by diabetes.

As a company, it is our mandate to assist, empower and support diabetics in their lifelong battle with diabetes. Our app aims to bridge the gap between diagnosis and effective diabetes management; why? Because peer support and behavior modification is the most important, yet the most elusive part of diabetes management.

Support - The Diabetes App
Community - The Diabetes App

With The Diabetes App, we have a vast opportunity to centralize the diabetes community by having created its own distinctive social media platform that offers the support to deal with diabetes.

We offer a free, dynamic, user-friendly platform for diabetics of any kind to enjoy, and it is our pleasure to do so!

Our Values


Our company aims to build social value through the creation of a welcoming community where each member has a sense of belonging and feels empowered to be themselves.


We aim to provide a safe space for the diabetes community to interact with each other in order to create a unified online community.


We offer free and trustworthy solutions for the diabetes community to guide them towards better diabetes management.


We aim to constantly improve our platform by collaboratively working with the community to deliver the best product possible.

Eclectic Diversity

Our team is located all across the globe – with different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and views. Each person on our time brings a new insight, ideas, and fresh perspectives for our platform.


We pride ourselves on our ability to openly communicate with our social community in times of strength and in times of hardship.