The Best Diabetes Apps 2021

If you fall in any diabetes category, you understand it can be a full-time job staying on top of everything.  We at The Diabetes App figured it would be beneficial to list some of our favorite smart-phone apps that can assist you with your diagnoses.  The first thing we noticed in our research was that it can be difficult to find the right app.  With so many tools and features to navigate through this list is aimed to be a helpful guide!

MySugr 4.4 Apple App Store / 4.6 Google Play Store

Mysugr is an app that offers a well-organized dashboard, with the ability to sync with your glucose monitor.  Mysugr offers many features that can be useful for users, including reminders for checking blood sugar levels.  All data within the app can be easily shared with your doctor allowing a more hands-on approach to your treatment and management. 

Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker 4.4 Apple App Store / 3.9 Google Play Store

Glucose Buddy is intended to be a one stop shop for diabetes management.  Glucose Buddy can monitor medication, A1C, and blood pressure.  The app also provides help with making better food choices, with a food data base and carb intake tracker.  Glucose Buddy also allows you to scan food barcodes to examine nutritional benefits.  

The Diabetes App 4.8 Apple App Store / 3.5 Google Play Store

The Diabetes App focuses on the diabetes community by creating a social landscape that aims to empower its users.  The Diabetes App encourages its userbase to interact with one another via posts and social engagement while also providing resources such as Livestreams, Recipes, and even Carb guidelines.  The app offers a user-friendly software that is organized and practical. 

Diabetes:M 4.5 Apple App Store / 4.4 Google Play Store

Diabetes:M is best used to log data and to keep track of everything.  This app features a nutrition tracker, test time notifications, and blood sugar analysis.  Diabetes:M is also able to pair with your smart watch and features an insulin calculator based off of logged data.

Diabetic Recipes 4.8 Apple App Store / 4.1 Google Play Store

Diabetic Recipes is as practical as it is straightforward.  Diabetic Recipes offers a wide range of diabetes-friendly recipes with easy-to-follow steps, and how-to videos!  This app also has a built-in carb counter that calculates daily glucose levels.

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