A helpful guide for foods to avoid when managing your diabetes

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There are many misconceptions people place on the diabetes community from a lack of information and understanding.  Far too often people with diabetes are wrongfully told they can’t do certain things because of their diagnoses.  This article aims to be a guide for foods to avoid when managing diabetes, however, we are not encouraging limitations.  

This article will cover several different food options, highlighting why they need to be eaten with proper planning along with their health benefits when consumed consciously.  In theme with the holiday season, we’re starting off with butternut squash!   Acceptable in smaller portions, one cup contains 16 grams of carbohydrates which can cause difficulty when motoring carb intake.  However, squash can improve insulin production, and help reduce blood glucose levels, with its high amount of Vitamins A & C. 

Next up are bananas.  Although they’re a good source of potassium and fiber, bananas can contain high amounts of carbs, sugars, and calories.  If you are craving this delicious fruit, it is recommended to eat smaller portions or use half quantities as a compliment to your favorite smoothie or salad.

Continuing with fruit, pineapples can also be difficult when trying to incorporate them in your daily intake.  Pineapples contain a higher amount of glucose at about 10g of sugar per every 100g of consumption.  This can cause spikes in blood levels; however fresh whole pineapple is always recommended over canned/processed options.  Regardless, pineapples are a great source of Vitamin C, as well as Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and fiber!

Finally, corn!  Being a great side to any meal, people with Diabetes should avoid eating large amounts of corn due to its amount of carbs that end up being converted to glucose.  This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite movie snack from time to time!

In conclusion, you are the only one who has a say in your capabilities, this is simply a guide.  The Diabetes App wants to remind you there is nothing you can’t do!   The foods that have been discussed in this article are suggested to be avoided in large quantities, but with proper planning and carb counting, you can still enjoy all of the above!  To help with your carb counting and monitoring your daily intake make sure to check out all the features The Diabetes App has to offer, including our in-app carb counter!

Happy Holidays and Bon Appetit!

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