Growing up as a Type one Diabetic

Hi, I am Anya. I am 17 years old, and I have been living with Diabetes for 16 years. I was diagnosed at 14 months old so honestly, I don’t remember it at all. My diagnosis story was pretty scary for my family. I can only imagine it was a nightmare. Since I was so little and could barely communicate, all of my symptoms were being masked by my inability to speak. After I had a fever and some other symptoms throughout the night, my mother called my doctor who said to go to the emergency room immediately. When they got there they took a bunch of tests and I ended up having to be put in a sleep-induced coma due to the state I was in. After a few long days, I woke up and my mother knew my life would be changed forever. 

By now it has just been a part of my lifestyle throughout my life, so I never really had to go through any lifestyle changes. This still hasn’t made it easy, I still get so nervous when changing my sites, I have such a low pain tolerance! But I am currently using the T-Slim insulin pump and the Dexcom CGM. 

One thing I think is crucial to know about type one Diabetics is that we are all different. We all have different experiences, different blood sugars, and different comfort levels and that is what makes this disease so unique. I am constantly trying to educate others and help bring awareness to this illness that affects so many people worldwide. I am grateful for the Diabetic friends I have that make me feel supported and help me grow every day. And I am also grateful for my friends and family who are constantly trying to stay educated and help me however they can. One thing I would like people to take away from reading this is life may throw obstacles in your way but it is up to you how you go around them. You got this! 

Anya Simpson
17, diagnosed in 2004

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