Hot Diabetic Summer

I’d love to hear any tips you guys may have to help have the best hot diabetic summer yet 🙂 

• Show off your devices! 

It’s hot out and so are you! Your device (or injection) is your little everyday lifesaver. Be proud and show it off with confidence! I’ve found that when my devices are showing it helps me find the next diabuddy or gives me the chance to educate those who choose to ask me about them!

• Drink up!

Hydration is so important especially in the hot summer months! But a cute insulated bottle and drink up! I can even slap a few decals on and make it personal and fun! 

• Stay Snacky

With the warmer weather in full swing, you can bet I’m either out on the tennis courts, the pool or hiking with my dog Gatsby. Because of all the increased activity I like to make sure I pack lots of extra snacks to help combat any annoying lows that I might have. I don’t want to be down for long so my top picks are fruit leathers, juice boxes and if I’m feeling real naughty a few sweet tarts!

• Eat the rainbow

Soooo many yummy and amazing foods are in season during the summer months! Melons and berries are some of my favorite fruits but if I’m trying to be better about carb and sugar intake, I love to munch on some cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, snap peas, anything that is low in carb but high in nutrients!

• Have fun!

We know that with the right amount of planning and prep, nothing can really stop us from having fun, not even diabetes. Go somewhere new, try a new sport you’ve never played or rent a kayak! Diabetes should never be the thing stopping you from living your best life!

Hi! My name is Jen. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in August 2020, during the pandemic, at the age of 29. Soon will be my first diaversary! I love talking about Hi! My name is Britni and I’ve been a Type One Diabetic for over 25 years! I was diagnosed at the age of 2, and even though I’ve been living with this for awhile it never really gets easier. I have found some good tips and tricks along the way to help make my favorite time of year a little bit easier to manage! I’m a full or portage employee and a full time student working towards a degree in nutrition. I also love all things travel, fitness, outdoors, food, and my Australian Shepherd Gatsby who is also my service pup.

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