How My Mind Works Now

So this is how my mind works now…

There’s two of them mainly.
Crash is there when I’m low
He’s a beast and he has these powers 
to confuse and disorient me before we ever battle.

My body trembles when I realize I’m fighting for my life.
You have to beat Crash fast or he’ll gain strength quickly 
and overcome you.

Every time I eat is like a blow to him.
But he doesn’t fight fair.
So, if I get too much of an edge on him
he steps back and lets Carbo take over.

Karbo exists solely to torment me as my blood sugars rise

He takes advantage of me while I’m weak
keeping me from sleep and my sanity
and takes hours or days to bring down.

Heh,  insulin and exercise are my only weapons.

You gotta be strong against these guys.

These guys are building a military of monsters just like them. 
And they’re lead by Onset. 
The reason and cause of it all.

Nobody knows where this monster came from. 
But, he’s here now and strikes carelessly.
He’s powerful and he has the capability to
make the human body attack and kill itself. 
He has the capability to make you do it to yourself.

I’m starting to realize that these are probably personas of mine.
But, If I can control the blood sugars, I can control the monsters. Right?

How do you cope?

Anonymous T1D Man 

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