Land Acknowledgement

The Diabetes App is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for people of all cultures, to openly communicate and educate others about diabetes management. We want to do everything we can to empower the voices of the people in The Diabetes App community and on our team.

Accordingly, The Diabetes App acknowledges that we are situated on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat. We recognize that Treaty 13 was made here in Toronto, where we operate.

What is a Land Acknowledgement?

A Land Acknowledgement is a statement from a company, showing recognition that they are operating their business on land originally belonging to Indigenous peoples and acknowledging their painful present and history with Colonization.

Why We Are Doing a Land Acknowledgement

A Land Acknowledgement allows us to better understand the land we are situated on and recognize what happened in the past and present to the Indigenous peoples of Canada. This is a part of the reconciliation process and allows us to honor the territory we are situated on. We aim to bring awareness to and break the stigma behind diabetes and Indigenous communities.

We aim to encourage Indigenous peoples with diabetes to feel welcome and safe using our app and access our free services, through this acknowledgement

What Can You Do?

Wondering how you can help? Look into local charities such as Anishnawbe Health Foundation and consider donating to their website! Anishnawbe Health Foundation works with donors and partners to support improved health and wellness for Toronto’s Indigenous community. They offer ambulatory health centers, diabetes education and prevention programs, mental health programs, child and family counseling, pre and postnatal care, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder services, and more.

You can donate to them by clicking here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/anishnawbe-health-foundation/ 

In addition, you may use this link to see what Indigenous Communities are native to your area!

Stay tuned as we will be posting an article soon about Indigenous peoples and the impact diabetes has on their communities.

How We Plan on Supporting

The Diabetes App plans on showing action behind our words. We are actively working on providing articles, information, and recipes that are inspired or made by professionals from the Indigenous community. 

We promise to continue encouraging acceptance of all cultures and donating what we can to communities in need of diabetes management and supplies.


Diabetes is pervasive in communities that suffer great traumas and stress. Due to the destructive colonial policies committed in the past and present day, diabetes remains a prevalent struggle for many marginalized communities, such as the Indigenous peoples.

The Diabetes App would like to encourage everyone to stay educated, rid themselves of Diabetes stigmas and stereotypes, be accepting of others, and work together towards a healthy future for everyone.