New Year, New Me Campaign

[Toronto, Canada, January 8, 2021] The DMP team would like to encourage everyone that is living with diabetes or has a loved one who is living with diabetes to download the DMP app. This campaign aims at raising awareness about how DMP can be an essential component to the success of a diabetic or caretaker’s year. The many resources that DMP provides through the app is a way to ensure a successful 2021 moving forward.

The new year is all about making goals and doing everything possible to sustain the goals and achieve them. The community support that DMP provides through the app is a major benefit when it comes to goal fulfillment. Being able to relate to others that might share the same goals as you can be very beneficial as well as motivating. The DMP app provides its users with many different resources in order to help them achieve their goals. Some of these resources include a place for recipes, workouts, professional advice, and support. By downloading DMP you are stepping into 2021 with the right community behind you. 

In order to learn more about the New Year, New Me campaign, visit us on our social media accounts as well as our website. If you want to download the DMP app then please visit our website where you can find a link that will take you right to your app store.

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