The Success of #icantoo

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Join The Diabetes App in celebrating the success of our recent #icantoo campaign during Diabetes Awareness Month!

To combat the stigmas that surround people with Diabetes, we encouraged our users to share their stories of achievements, victories, and triumphs over their tribulations.  No matter how small or big, The Diabetes App shared the message to be proud of all the things you can do, and never accept that there is something you can’t accomplish just because of your diabetes.  Throughout Diabetes Awareness Month, The Diabetes App was able to share moments of inspiration and empowerment.  

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this campaign, as your support has not gone unnoticed.  Some notable highlights include, The Global Diabetes Walk, where The Diabetes App team participated in a 5km walk to raise awareness of this effort.  Along with, The Diabetes App having donated $2.00 for every comment under our donation post to the Help a Diabetic Child Foundation.  In addition, The Diabetes App also matched HADC’s raised donation, towards Diabetes Canada.  Given their mission of serving 11 million Canadians, The Diabetes App realizes the importance of diabetes support throughout all North America.

The Diabetes App was able to organize and participate in a movement that allowed countless numbers of people to share their success and strength found within their Diabetes Journey.  

Once again thank you to all our supporters.

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