Survival Kit of a T1D Traveller

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de St. Exupery 

This quote is inspiring but I believe Antoine never met a #T1D person. Traveling for us Type 1 Diabetics doesn’t come easy. I love traveling with my family- visiting new places that I have never been to, brings much joy. But before I can travel, I not only have to worry about buying and carrying a chic wardrobe but must make sure that I pack double the supplies I will actually need. Although after this year’s sudden lockdowns all over the world, not sure if my family will only carry double the supplies. Can’t imagine being stuck in ‘a paradise’ with a limited supply of essential life-saving medication. 

A couple of years ago, I used to think that traveling is hustle as I had to constantly worry about my keeping my BGL under control and that would wreck all the fun. But in all honesty, one really gets used to it- over years, taking care of your BGL becomes as simple as breathing. 

Before traveling, I organize my #Diabetes survival kit. It is SUPER exciting to pack all the necessities- infusion sets, reservoirs, pens, needles, insulin, wipes, testing strips but the most important of them all, heaps of lollies as an essential Hypo treatment (or just when I feel like eating them). For us Type 1 Diabetics, traveling is a little bit different as we must take extra precautions. We all know that “health is the wealth” though, at times when we are having fun, it might not feel that important. But it truly is imperative for OUR health and well-being to always be over-prepared than to struggle whilst we are enjoying our time away from home. 


I’m a thirteen-year-old girl who’s been managing Type 1 Diabetes for eight years now. I love traveling, drawing, painting, watching TV, eating cupcakes, and fighting with my cousins!

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