The Diabetes App Introduces Digital Advertising of Selected Products & Services

Toronto, Canada, September 1, 2021 – The Diabetes App (TDA) is excited to announce the introduction of digital advertising on the platform.

After thorough research including focus groups, the digital advertising department of TDA will be including native advertisements onto the home feeds of TDA users, starting September 1, 2021. All advertisements are carefully screened and will include those products and services benefit the diabetic community, keeping the lucrative community app free for all users and providing them with free resources, products, and discounts.

“I am thrilled to see how this community will be extended through advertising and how everyone will benefit, both the individuals living with diabetes and the business owners who work hard to help diabetics” said Ruri Otani, the Digital Advertising Director at TDA in a statement on Monday.

While digital advertising on the platform will be beneficial for both diabetics and business owners, TDA remains focused on the user of the app – a focus that has been assured by the CEO of TDA, Sean Zaboroski: “The Diabetes App will always prioritize the safety and experience of our users, even in the case of advertising.”

Business owners and professionals will also see the benefit of digital advertising as TDA offers a highly targeted market of diabetics and their supporters. Digital Advertising allows companies and individuals to target niche groups that can benefit from their products/services – niche groups such as type 1 diabetics, type 2 diabetics, gestational diabetics, and prediabetics alike. By keeping the selection process rigid, Ruri Otani and her team ensure that advertising on the platform will be beneficial for all stakeholders: the company, the advertisers, and of course, the users.

These updates mark an exciting and important milestone for both TDA and the diabetes community. We hope to continue seeing the growth of The Diabetes App community – ensuring the success of both digital advertising and the app in its entirety.

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