The Diabetes App Reward Program – “How to” guide

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Reward Program of The Diabetes App - How to Collect Points

TORONTO, ON, April 06, 2022 – TDA is introducing you to the world of Reward Program! We are so excited to reward you with all the points that you deserve for being a loyal user of our app. 

Here is how it works! You need to login to the app (but you’re already logged in – right 🙂 ), after logging in, engage within the app, post and comment, and most importantly find like-minded people who understand how it’s like to live with diabetes. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Users who like, comment, or make a post will earn points
  • Users who receive a specific number of points will earn Badges
  • Points can be converted into TDA coins that users can exchange for gift cards, goods or DiaStrong Promo codes
  • Posts and comments must follow our app user guidelines/terms and services!
  • Gifts and rewards will be updated/changed on a monthly basis

How often can I check for the status of my points?

Your badges will be updated approximately every 2 weeks (every second and fourth Monday). More points, you will get a higher ranked badge. The badges are based on the aggregate points.

The Diabetes App Badges

Bronze Star: 1 – 99 points

Silver Star: 100 – 499 points

Gold Star: 500+ points

You’ve collected a great amount of points? What now?

Prizes and how to redeem them will be posted in the general chats of the app.Your first chance to redeem points will be at the end of April – that way, we can make sure we have enough time to gather the prizes and send them out

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us!

The Diabetes App Team

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