The Diabetes Management Platform Launches Today!

DMP: An Online Community Platform for Diabetics and their loved ones 

On July 13, 2020, TLC Platforms Inc. launched a free app named DMP (Diabetes Management Platform) to bring together a diabetes community along with their loved ones. Developed by a determined team of compassionate individuals based in Toronto, Canada, DMP strives to support diabetic individuals around the world to conveniently make new friends and get professional advice. 

DMP is a collaborative online platform that provides diabetic individuals with uncomplicated access to all the information related to diabetes management. Additionally, app users are able to join specific social groups on DMP according to their needs and interests. 

The CEO of TLC Platforms Inc. Sean Zaboroski explained that DMP was designed with the intention to foster a community for diabetic individuals and their loved ones. Users will get community support from people with the same type of diabetes, who are the same age, or have similar struggles. 

The DMP user interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. It allows users to both learn more about managing diabetes and share their experiences and stories with others. DMP offers a variety of information on diabetes and the next steps that can be taken to improve one’s lifestyle. Topics include but are not limited to mental health, diet, and exercise. 

DMP is also committed to helping users with finding new friends that are experiencing similar situations as them. There are two Find Friends groups, one for Type 1 and another for Type 2. Therefore, users will be able to specifically find new friends with the same diagnosis of diabetes and thus struggles as them. 

It is the mission of DMP to cultivate support among diabetic individuals in a community setting. Individuals from loved ones to professional diabetes experts are all welcomed to DMP to discuss and learn about diabetes management. 

Together & Stronger with DMP

For further information about DMP, please visit their website. 

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