Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Is the scale moving in the opposite direction of what you’d prefer? You’ve been “dieting”, exercising, and hydrating. So, why is the scale going up? There are many variables that can affect the number on the scale. In order to determine the cause of your “weight” gain, you need to look at some key variables.

Calories In vs Calories Out

It may seem simple, but weight gain isn’t always a simple result of consumption of excess calories.

Water Retention

Have you recently started working out? Recently increased the intensity of your workouts? Recently started lifting weights or lifting heavier weights? Increasing the intensity of your workouts, i.e. lifting heavier weights can cause minor and brief water retention which can cause the scale to move up instead of down.

Muscle vs Fat

Your clothes are feeling tighter and the scale is going up. You’re concerned about your weight gain. However, you need to look at muscle vs fat. Have you checked your body fat percentage recently. You may find that your body percentage has gone down despite your weight having gone up.

Get Answers: The Easy Way

As you can see, there are a few key variables that you need to consider. In order to determine the potential cause of your weight gain, you need to log your daily food intake to determine whether or not you are eating a surplus of calories. If you are not eating a surplus of calories, you should next take 2-3 off from exercising to determine if your weight gain is caused by water retention caused by increased exercise intensity. You should also test your body fat percentage weekly in order to determine if you are gaining fat vs muscle.

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