Grateful to my “Lovely” Diabetes

Let me take you back to when I was three years old. This was the year that I was diagnosed. Because I was so young, I didn’t really remember my way of life before diabetes. This is probably the key to my personal success. There was no psychological upheaval or rebuilding a life that had been flipped “upside-down.” However, the same could not be said for my parents.  They were the ones who took on the difficult upheavals in my life.

I grew up feeling superior to others, and it wasn’t because of my diabetes. Dancing, piano, and the arts gave me a special sense of self in front of my classmates. A sense of completion — one I still feel it in every aspect of my life!

Nobody learns about who they are without learning good communication skills from their loved ones and socializing with people in general. Therefore, I decided to enter into the faculty of journalism, which has shaped the person I’ve become today. My student years not only opened up new tiers of knowledge but also my love of travel. I have visited almost all of Europe (including England), Asia, Africa, The Middle East, and Latin America.

For over twenty-four years, I hid from the public that I was living with diabetes. Only the closest people to me knew about my condition. However, over the past few years I have been thinking about how my example can help many people find freedom. Thus, I created a public Instagram page to share my story: @sugarisyourlife. 

I have broadened my horizons and I am grateful to my “lovely” diabetes. Thanks to my diabetes, it has allowed me to remain present in my daily life and appreciate every moment.


Alexander Mikhailidi

Alexander Mikhailidi
Hello, my name is Alexander Mikhailidi and I am 27 years old. I am sharing my story because I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 3 years old, and am living a fulfilled happy life!

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