Living with Diabetes in Venezuela

I am Venezuelan and the most difficult part of living with diabetes has been looking after my health in  a country where my full treatment is not available. I would like to go to a pharmacy and get everything I need to control my diabetes, but in Venezuela there is a huge political problem that violates and impedes the right to health. However, here I am, and like many Venezuelans, I have the hope and certainty that one day this storm shall pass and we will see the sun again.

Not only I, many people in the same position, dream of a Venezuela where technology and diabetes go hand in hand; where education on this condition is essential and, mainly, a country where there is abundance and there are no more patients without insulin. A Venezuela where we can get test strips, glucometers, essential medicines, where there are laws that protect people who live with diabetes and, above all, where we have tools that allow us better manage our condition.

I like to talk about diabetes and I always will, because we are the ones who can raise our voices and disprove the myths that many people believe due to lack of education.

Ana Paola
My name is Ana Paola, I am 24 years old and I have been living with type 1 diabetes since I was two years old. I was diagnosed in April 1998.

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