5 Best Carb-Counting Apps

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best carb counting apps

Those living with diabetes know that an important part of managing diabetes is tracking your carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are “naturally occurring sugars, starches and fiber in food. In the body, starches and sugars are broken down in the digestive system to glucose.” In order to maintain blood sugar levels, those with diabetes must keep track of their carbohydrates in order to understand how it will affect their glucose levels so that they may adjust their medication accordingly. With the rise of technology, there are many apps now available which make the process of counting carbohydrates much easier. Read on to learn about the five best carb counting apps for those living with diabetes. 

1. MyFitnessPal 

MyFitnessPal is an app that is used to track both diet and exercise. Not only is it easy to keep track of the calories you are consuming, but MyFitnessPal offers its users nutritional information such as carbs, proteins, fats, etc. It has an extensive database of food items and restaurants, making the tracking process easy.  As a result, it makes the list as one of the best carb counting apps for providing easy to understand nutritional info, and should be considered one of the go-to carb counting apps for diabetics. 

2. ControlMyWeight by Calorie King 

Another app that makes the list as one of the best carb counting apps? ControlMyWeight. ControlMyWeight is similar to MyFitnessPal in that it helps individuals track their calories, carbs, and fats. The great thing about it is while it does offer a comprehensive understanding of carbohydrates, it also provides foods with a food “grade” which ranks them based on how healthy they are. As a result, it is a great carb counting app for diabetics as it allows those with diabetes to find healthier food options to assist with diabetes management tracking their carbs.

3. Fooducate

What makes Fooducate stand from the others on this list of best carb counting apps is its ability to analyze the value of the calories you consumed. Not only is it a great carb counting app for diabetics, but it can help Type 2 diabetics with their goal of diabetes remission. Research has shown that healthy weight loss and diet can result in diabetes remission in Type 2 diabetics. This app allows you to see your carbohydrates, while also providing users with a community to get assistance with their health journey. 

4. MyNetDiary

Fourth on our list of best carb counting apps is MyNetDiary. Similar to others on this list, MyNetDiary features a searchable database with tons of foods from the users to choose from. It allows users to quickly enter food data with features such as barcode scanners, and access nutritional information such as carbs quickly. MyNetDiary also offers the option to create a balanced diet plan for you. 

5. Carb Manager- Low Carb & Keto Diet Tracker 

There is some research to suggest that a low-carb diet can increase the likelihood of diabetes remission in those with Type 2 diabetes. Carb Manager not only is a great carb counting app for diabetics, but it offers those living with diabetes with thousands of healthy recipes for users to follow. The app also allows users to create their own meal plans, and connect to other apps such as FitBit while providing them with information about the keto diet. Users can see the nutritional information of each recipe, while premium features allow them to track their ketones, blood sugar, insulin usage, and more making it ideal for those with diabetes. 

In short, there are many nutrition apps available today that can help those living with diabetes count their carbs. This list is an account of the five best carb counting apps according to DMP, along with reasons as to why they are a great carb counting app for diabetics. Living with diabetes isn’t always easy but having apps that make the process of tracking your carbs can make diabetes management easier, and give you more time to take back control of your life.  

Carolina Clarke
Carolina Clarke is the marketing copywriter at TLC Platforms. She is passionate about social issues, travel, and fitness. She is a diabetes supporter and is dedicated to providing those living with diabetes with resources to help manage their diabetes. A desire to help is at the forefront of everything she writes.

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