Letter to my Best Friend

Dear Diabetes,

You became my friend since I was nine months old. Without any notice walked into my life and settled in for ever. Something mysterious for my parents. For me. Turned our lives completely. Making changes. Learning how to take insulin shots. Learning how to read glycemic index. Learning what is best. Sometimes making mistakes and starting all over again. Sometimes being nice sometimes being a pain in … but after all these years we learned from each other and came closer. Over the years we grew together and who would tell we reach the point of being inseparable friends.

Ever since you have being part of my life in the ups and downs. Taught me to be brave. Have discipline. Ride this journey of life with Diabetes. Even though I didn’t ask for it here you are every day all day and night long.

Sometimes hating, cursing you because in some way took away the chance of fulfilling a dream. Maybe it was just meant to be. Other times loving and thanking you for being part of my life. Because if I didn’t hate you I wouldn’t take care of myself. Make better decisions.  Loving you and thanking you because without Diabetes I wouldn’t have learn to love and appreciate the little things in life. To take care of my body which is my temple. Having boundaries and healthy habits. 

Part of me in my darkest nights and in my brightest days. Teaching me what is best according to your response. Getting to know each other has taken effort, lots of learning sometimes an adventure.

Diabetes, after all I won´t say it has been easy but we have made it all these years together and for that I’m grateful. For every dose of insulin you ask. For every sweet you need from time to time. For all it takes to have Diabetes the good and the bad thank you for been with me. As my best friend that is the first to know my fears, my joy, making me celebrate in a healthy way my accomplishments, when my tears are falling down my cheeks there you are. Thank you for making my life a sweet life.

Yours truly,

Yi Ting Lee Pacheco.

Yi Ting Diabetes Diava https://yitingdiabetesdiva.com
Hi, my name is Yi Ting. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 when I was nine months old. It has been a journey of ups and downs. Over the years I have learned to live and manage Diabetes. Diabetes has taught me to enjoy life and keep on going. I love nature, travel, dance and meditate.

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