Reiki – Holistic Supplement for Diabetes Management

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Reiki – Holistic Supplement for Diabetes Management

For those of you who are not familiar with Reiki, you are in for a treat! Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive Japanese holistic healing modality. The practice is thousands of years old discovered by the indigenous Japanese. Reiki uses Universal Life Force Energy (ki) to balance, harmonize and heal all aspects of the person-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reiki also is used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth. The idea behind Reiki therapy is that problems within the body stem from blocked or disturbed energy pathways. During Reiki treatments, the goal is to restore these pathways to normal so that the energy can flow more smoothly and properly.  Reiki is amazing Holistic Supplement for Diabetes Management.

Reiki is typically performed by trained practitioners who use specific hand positions to encourage the flow of the client’s own energy. During the session, the practitioner may use up to 17 different hand positions, each of which will be held for up to five minutes at a time. The practitioner may hold his or her hands slightly above the client, or light touch may be used. Reiki does not require any forceful manipulation, and it will not interfere with any of the client’s other treatments or devices. Reiki works seemlessly and wonderfully with Western medicine.  Not only can Reiki healing energy treatments be carried out in-person, these sessions can also be sent virtually, and works just as efficiently in this manner.  This is especially important at this time, while the world is still entrenched in the global Pandemic.  The client can still receive all the benefits of a Reiki healing session in the comfort and safety of their own home.

For clients who suffer from autoimmune disease, mental health disorders, or any other chronic illness, there are many benefits to receiving Reiki as a holistic supplement to their health care regimen. Here are some examples:


For many diseases, pain is one of the most bothersome symptoms. Patients with an autoimmune disease, like Type-1 Diabetes for example, deal with pain on a regular basis. Many patients who have undergone Reiki healing treatments report feeling relief from pain as a result of the sessions. Reiki can also relax sore muscles, and promote healthier sleep patterns.  Thus, people who have chronic illness may benefit from fewer pain sensations and symptoms if they participate in Reiki healing treatment sessions on a regular basis.  As a rule of thumb, Reiki treatments should be spaced out at least a week apart, to allow the body to fully integrate the Reiki energy.


Many Reiki clients report feeling more balanced because of their healing sessions, both physically and emotionally. This sense of balance makes it easier for people to deal with their chronic illness, bringing clarity on what each person needs on a deeper level and, ultimately, improving their overall quality of life.  For example, Reiki healing sessions can speed up the healing process from surgeries with less negative side effects, and make medications you need to take work more effectively in the body. 


Both anxiety and depression are common problems among people battling a chronic and/or autoimmune disease. Because there may or may not be a cure for these illnesses, patients often feel hopeless. In addition, because symptoms come and go, or fluctuate in intensity, many patients feel anxious about how their conditions will progress from one day to the next. Spontaneity can feel taken away, and fear of the unknown can set in.  Unfortunately, these mood disturbances can only worsen the patients’ symptoms. Research studies have shown that regular Reiki healing sessions may reduce feelings of anxiety and improve the mood of clients. For instance, after a Reiki session, you may feel more energized, refreshed and renewed. More calm, peaceful and grounded. Reiki can beautifully ease broken hearts, and heal past hurts and traumas. Reiki can also transcend time, space and distance. It has the beautiful ability to“meet” the client at a future stressful event, such as an upcoming surgery or doctor’s appointment to review test results. The client will then feel less anxious during this event, being more able to cope with the outcome. So, not only can Reiki healing sessions improve the individual’s overall condition, but it may also make him or her more compliant with other prescribed medical treatments.


Research regarding Reiki’s effect on immune function is lacking, unfortunately.  However, many patients with autoimmune and/or chronic diseases, like Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes, report a reduction in symptoms after undergoing Reiki treatments. Reiki never does harm. In fact, Reiki healing energy has its own intelligence, with its only intent being to bring about the client’s highest and greatest good. Furthermore, since there is no evidence that Reiki is harmful to people with these conditions, it is a low-risk choice for people looking for natural treatment options. As an example of Reiki’s innate intelligence, consider this: even though the Reiki practitioner may focus on a certain area of the body for the energy to be sent to, like, the Solar Plexus chakra in the mid-torso region, Reiki may start the healing process at the Solar Plexus for the functionality of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, eating disorders, and other digestion issues, but then may go on intuitively to other areas of the body that needs healing, as well.

While Reiki healing energy sessions are not a cure, nor should they be substituted for standard medical treatment, many people suffering from illness have reported physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits when Reiki was added as a supplement to their medical treatment regimen.  Reiki healing is cumulative, peeling away layer after layer until it gets to the root of the illness.  Journaling should be encouraged as a way for the client to keep track of their body’s own unique healing process.

Experience the beautiful essence of a Reiki healing energy session today!  It is an amazing holistic approach to chronic illness management that helps boost the body’s own healing powers. 

“Reiki For Life-The Complete Guide to Reiki Practice for Level 1,2, & 3” by Penelope Quest  copyright 2016

Donna Cross
Certified Reiki Practitioner

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