The Final Days Of Our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

The Diabetes App 

[Toronto, Canada, November 11, 2020] Since the start of our Crowdfunding campaign  on October 14th, 2020, we have raised over $13,000. The goal of our campaign is to help develop a new and improved version of our DMP platform. The team at the diabetes app has heard the feedback and suggestions, and need help to implement them and reach our goal of $25,000. Not only will the funds go to creating new features such as a diet/lifestyle tracker, calorie counter, and 24hr health line, but they will be aimed at improving the functionality of the app as a whole. 

Now is not the time to give up or second guess! In order to reach the goal, we need the support more than ever. If the goal is not met then we will be unable to meet the needs of our growing community. The diabetes app wants to be able to help everyone dealing with diabetes whether it is people who are newly diagnosed, diabetes supporters, Type 1, Type 2, Gestational and everything in between. 

Take a moment to show your support by visiting the link below, and join our fight towards creating more diabetes awareness and a safe space for diabetics everywhere! When we work together, we are stronger together!


Surpassing Our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign
Warriors Rising

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