We each have our own Story and this is Mine

Back to where it all first started

I was an active 25-year-old who was working as a chef so busy lifestyle loved going out chilling with friends after work and on weekends. Loved to have a drink and who doesn’t when they are 25 lets be honest hey.

So I had been sick for about 9- 12 months back and forward to the doctors with UTI’s, cold and flu symptoms, fatigue, weight loss which I dropped over 25kgs which I was only 47kg to start off with, so that was interesting.

People just assumed I was on drugs which I was not, but you get that.

But honestly looking back at my photos now I’m can see why.

I was in kids size 10 jeans, no bra as boobs were nowhere to be seen.

I knew something was wrong but just didn’t know what and the doctors clearly had no clue either. Being a chef I ate and I ate and I ate enough food for 2 humans but I was just losing more weight, not gaining any.

I even was falling asleep at work with a knife in my hand as I was standing, I was always tired and omg did I mention the thirsty, you could not Quench that feeling of having a glass of water or maybe 10. You were still thirsty.

Fast forward a few months of getting told from the doctors there was nothing wrong with me, you’re just run down. Take some time off you need a medical certificate for time off work

Ah hell no, I love my job, I will be right.

But then one day, got a random doctor who did some blood and urine tests said come back in a week’s time.

Well, when I came back my results showed type 1 diabetes.               

Levels of over 30’s which he was amazed I was even standing. I was like ok cool give me some meds and ill be on my bike. I have work tomorrow, It´s our busiest season leading up to Christmas and I was in corporate catering I have no time to be sick.

 He was like na, you are going straight to the hospital. Which I kindly denied and they called my mother who called a girl friend of mine which they both of them come down to meet me at the doctor’s whilst. The doctor kept me busy, as I had no clue what they all had planned.

Clearly, you can tell I am a little stubborn haha. So off I got dragged to the hospital kicking and screaming saying I was fine. Little did I know that night changed my life. Soon as the drips went in for dehydration and the first shot of insulin omg I felt sick instantly. All I can remember is I had nurses, educators, doctors come in and ramble a bunch of info to me and I was like when can I leave I have work. The doctor was like ah no work for a few weeks you can’t leave as soon as you can learn how to inject yourself. So hero me was like yep give me the pen and let me do this so I can leave. I ended up having a few weeks off work seeing a few doctors through the public hospital which was a nightmare.

Each doctor treated me like I was a bookcase study, you got told to eat 3 times per day which I eat small meals over 4-8 depending on the day. 3 meals didn’t work for me so I went back to my 4-8 meals and found what worked for me.

I could go on with some interesting scenarios I’ve had over the years until I found a private endocrinologist who helped me get control of my diabetes as I had none but did my best with what information I had been told or so much not told.

But you get that.

I Changed from a pen to a pump and omg my life changed. But I’ll end it there  as I don’t want to bore anyone too much. What I have learned over the years is trust your gut about your health you know your body better than anyone. Find a great endocrinologist and support system as you need them, I can not stress that enough.

Pens are highly overrated jump onto a pump if you can it will change your life. You will have good and bad days so don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not dead so get up and take charge of your life, harsh I know but you have to have a healthy mindset and not let your health issues drag you down.

Go live life you only have 1 so make the most of it.

Just an average 38-year-old female who has type 1 diabetes who tries to live life to the fullest with all my other health issues that have decided to jump on board for the ride.

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